National Workplace Wellbeing Day!

Friday, April 30th, is National Workplace Wellbeing Day!

The last year has brought about a massive change to everyday working life, but Team Croí aims to stay connected and active throughout the day.

It can be hard to see opportunities for healthy activities during the busy workday. Lisa, Croí’s Head of Health Programmes, has provided 3 top tips to boost your heart health, sense of wellbeing and your productivity this Workplace Wellbeing Day: Hydrate, Move & Connect!


  1. Hydrate! We all know that it’s important to drink plenty of water – about eight 200ml glasses a day for women and ten 200ml glasses a day for men. Drinking enough water plays a role in many processes in the body, including digestion, and when we are dehydrated our energy levels and focus can be impacted. Drinking water also helps to manage our appetite as we can confuse thirst for hunger at times. Fitting more water breaks into your work day also offers an opportunity to get a break from your screen and take a breath! Can you fit just one more glass of water into your day?
  2. Move! There are so many benefits to moving more during your work day! We are not suggesting that you run a quick 5km at lunch time – reducing sitting time by getting up and stretching regularly, standing for a couple of meetings, having a three minute dance party as you heat up your lunch, it all counts as physical activity! Moving around is also an effective way to shake out stress and tension during a busy workday – bringing us back to the dance party idea! Can you set an alarm to remind you to get up and move around a couple more times a day?
  3. Connect! This has been a year of both great disconnection and a whole new kind of connection. We haven’t seen many of our family or friends, but many of us have been on countless Zoom calls with all corners of the world! Humans are social creatures, and when it’s harder or impossible for many of us to connect in the tea room, or meet for a coffee these days, it’s extra important to figure out how we can meet our connection needs. Having strong social connections has a major impact on our psychological wellbeing and has also been linked with better physical health! Whether it’s a walk at lunch time, a non-work Zoom coffee, or a couple of voice notes, try to fit in time to connect with people during your work day to share a problem or a worry, support someone else, or just to have a laugh!


Check out our recent Instagram Reel of some members of Team Croí incorporating these activities into their workday! Follow us on Instagram – @croiheartstroke.

Dr. Lisa Hynes - Head of Health Programmes / Health Psychologist

Croí Win Prestigious International Accreditation

Neil Johnson, CEO at Croí with the European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC) accreditation in cardiovascular risk management and prevention.

Local Heart & Stroke Charity, Croí, has received major international recognition in being the first Irish organisation to be accredited by the European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC) for its work in cardiovascular risk management and prevention. Croí is one of only eleven organisations across Europe to be awarded the status for its Croí Heart & Stroke Centre in Galway.

The purpose-built facility opened in November 2012 and is a leading centre for heart and stroke prevention, research, education, support and rehabilitation. The centre is also home to the Croí Courtyard Apartments which allow family members to be as close as possible to patients receiving cardiac or stroke care in University Hospital Galway. Since the onset of the pandemic, Croí has nimbly responded to the needs of patients and carers through a range of supports and services. Last year, Croí’s Heartlink West free telephone and virtual support service responded to over 3,000 queries. Additionally, 384 people at risk of or living with cardiovascular disease participated in a range of online structured lifestyle, education and recovery programmes. These include the innovative cardiac prevention and rehabilitation programme, Croí MySláinte, and the specialised obesity programme, CLANN. The Croi MySláinte Programme was one of a number of specially selected initiatives funded through Sláintecare Innovation Funding.

The announcement follows an assessment and benchmarking of Croí’s cardiovascular risk management and prevention work under a range of performance indicators. These include standards around care protocols, staff training, equipment and facilities, and management of its centre. As part of the assessment process, a scientific review of Croí’s work was undertaken by two experts from the EAPC. Accreditation is for an initial period of three years.

Members of the Croí Team, from left: Annie Costelloe, Health Administrator and Patient & Community Engagement Manager, Croí; Prof. Bill McEvoy, Medical and Research Director, NIPC; Irene Gibson, Director of Programmes and Innovation, NIPC (Centre); Dr. Lisa Hynes, Head of Health Programmes, Croí; Prof. Jim Crowley, Medical Director, Croí & President of Irish Cardiac Society.

Setting Standards

Congratulating Croí, Prof Martin Halle, President of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology, commented:

“With this accreditation programme, the European Association of Preventive Cardiology aims to set standards for preventive cardiology practice, thus improving quality of care and cardiovascular health. The EAPC accreditation programme enables centres to document that the care they provide is sound and based on the latest guidelines, that infrastructure is in place, that a multi-disciplinary team is present and well-trained, and that procedures are organised in an adequate way. We congratulate Croí on this achievement.”

Responding Swiftly

For Neil Johnson, CEO, Croí, the award is a recognition of the professionalism and dedication of staff:

“This award is a recognition of the professionalism and dedication of our health team who work tirelessly in the fight against heart disease and stroke. At Croí, we are committed to delivering a range of programmes, interventions and supports with medical oversight, which are best practice and evidence-based. I wish to acknowledge the commitment and dedication of my colleagues who in the midst of this pandemic have swiftly responded to the needs of patients and carers with a range of new online supports and services. These include the Heartlink West COVID-19 response service, the development of online cardiac rehabilitation, exercise and dietetic programmes, and virtual stroke support groups. For anyone concerned about their heart health or seeking information on heart disease or stroke, I would encourage them to get in touch with our health team today on 091 544310 or by email at

Croí Connects – Your questions answered

Croí Connects Banner

Welcome to Croí’s weekly Q&A series, Croí Connects

Through this new series, Croí will connect with medical experts each week for a questions and answers session to help answer your questions on heart disease, stroke, COVID-19 and lots more. Our Croí Connects video series will be shared here and on our Facebook page.

Each month we will announce our upcoming guest expert on Croí Connects. You are invited to submit your questions the week in advance. Your questions can be submitted using the form below, or you can call Croí on 091-544310.

Stay tuned for our next Croí Connects!

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Win a Volvo with Croí

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Croí, the Heart & Stroke Charity, is delighted to announce the opportunity to win a brand new Volvo XC40, worth over €40,000 (plus – you get to choose the colour!).

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All monies raised will directly support the fight against heart disease and stroke. “The impact of COVID-19 will be felt for a long time to come. Many doctor and hospital appointments and procedures have been delayed or postponed, many people have delayed seeking medical help, and now we have an even greater burden of disease,” says Croí CEO, Neil Johnson.

People living with heart disease and stroke need our support now, more than ever.

Brian Kenny, Kenny Galway, with Christine Flanagan, Croí.
Brian Kenny, Kenny Galway, with Christine Flanagan, Croí.

Please support us. Tickets cost just €20, with bundles of 3 tickets for €50 or 7 tickets for €100. Visit to purchase your tickets now. The draw will take place on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021.