Office staff warned to exercise as illness risk rises.

Sedentary and inactive individuals have a 35-50% greater chance of developing cardiovascular disease than active individuals, it is vital we try and improve activity levels even in the workplace as most of us can sit for prolonged periods desks and computer screens. Making small changes and moving from sedentary to light activity (eg. A light stroll at lunchtime, placing the printer at the end of the office floor) can help clock up our steps and help us move to a healthier lifestyle. Denise Dunne, Specialist Cardiac Physiotherapist, Croi Heart and Storke.

The findings, in the 'Lancet', which are part of a series measuring global levels of physical activity since the last Olympics, also warn that lack of exercise is linked to one in 20 cases of dementia in Ireland.

Physical inactivity is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, leading to around five million deaths across the world annually.

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