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When someone you love is critically ill in hospital they become the centre of your world.  Nothing is more important than being by their side.

That is why the Croí Courtyard Apartments provide a safe haven to families whose loved ones have been rushed to hospital for emergency heart or stroke care.

Will you help us continue to offer this vital lifeline of support by participating in our annual Golden Ticket Raffle? 

Each ticket costs just €5 euro and there are so many great prizes to win – with a €5,000 cash fund.

The important thing to remember is that every single ticket sold will mean so much to families facing the most stressful time of their lives. Families like Damien Coyle’s.

Just a few short months ago Damien and his wife Jessie rushed from Wicklow to Galway’s University Hospital where his father Cahal had just been admitted for heart surgery. 

Damien and Jessie were still coming to terms with the recent loss of their first baby and Jessie was now heavily pregnant again. But exhausted and confused they hurried to Galway to be with Cahal – with no idea where they would sleep that night or how long they would need to remain at his side.

Thanks to the dedication of wonderful supporters just like you, Croí was there to help.

“When we found out about the Croí apartments we couldn't believe such a fantastic service could exist. The Croí team ensured that all our needs were met and that we need not have any worries apart from looking after and being there for Cahal. That took a huge amount of stress off us.”- Damien.

Croi’s apartments are so much more than simply a bed for the night as they offer worried families all the practical support they need. Each apartment even has a direct phone line to the cardiac and stroke units so families can get some precious rest, safe in the knowledge that they can call at any time.

What makes the Croí apartments so special is the fact that they are entirely funded by wonderful Croí supporters just like you. And in the three years since we opened the Croí Courtyard apartments, the demand for them has continued to grow.  Every year they have operated at over 90% capacity.

That’s why our annual Golden Ticket Raffle is so important.

By taking part in Croí’s Golden Ticket Raffle you will be helping to provide the precious comfort of a home-from-home for families facing the most traumatic time of their lives. And sometimes that simple gift can be the most important thing in the world.

After his surgery, Damien’s father Cahal developed pneumonia which he sadly would not be able to overcome. But on the night that Cahal passed away, Damien and Jessie were able to return to the safe and familiar haven of the Croí Apartments.

“It meant so much to be able to come back to a nice, private surrounding and deal with what had just happened.  I don’t know what we would have done or how we would have reacted without Croi. Everything they did really helped at such a difficult time.”- Damien



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