Phase III: Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme

Cardiac rehabilitation is a continuous process of care which begins in hospital. It is a supervised programme designed to improve your cardiovascular health and includes education on risk factor management, heart healthy living and exercise counselling and training. It is offered to people who have experienced a heart attack, angioplasty, heart surgery and increasingly to people who are being medically managed for angina, those diagnosed with heart failure or peripheral vascular disease and those who have had a stroke.

Cardiac Rehabilitation – Who is it for?

Cardiac Rehabilitation should be a patient-centered, individualised programme for people of all ages. It is designed to help you improve your health and quality of life and improve your overall cardiovascular health and wellbeing.

Cardiac Rehabilitation – How does it work?

Phase I: Time of Event

This is the time you spend in hospital after your diagnosis, heart attack, surgery or procedure. During this phase, you will be informed about why you had a heart attack, your risk factors for heart disease, the medicines you have been prescribed and what you should do now to prevent further cardiovascular risk factors developing. Your medical team including your allied healthcare professionals will also discuss with you any issues such as returning to work, driving etc.

Phase II: Behaviour Change

This takes place immediately after you have left hospital. The aim of this phase is to help you to look at your lifestyle and ways that you can make it more heart healthy. This includes looking at your eating habits, physical activity or exercise levels, weight management, stopping smoking and reducing stress. Depending on which hospital you are attending, this phase of cardiac rehabilitation may be by phone, home visits, or individual or group education sessions.

Phase III: Cardiac Rehabilitation Structured Programme (Exercise and Education)

This phase takes 12 weeks to complete. The multidisciplinary team here at Croi will arrange for you to visit the centre for an initial assessment and then once a week for 10 weeks for exercise training and education sessions, at week 12 you will have a review of your progress at your end of programme assessment. To take part in cardiac rehabilitation, please do not hesitate in contacting the cardiac rehabilitation department here at Croi house.

Phase IV: Maintaining Change/Phase IV

This phase is about maintaining the lifestyle changes that you have made and staying healthy. When you leave phase III of cardiac rehabilitation, which is very structured, it is important to keep exercising and to stay with your heart-healthy habits.

Here at Croí, we offer Phase IV cardiac rehabilitation which encourages you to continue with your new exercise regime. You may, however, decide to exercise on your own without going to a cardiac rehabilitation centre or a leisure centre and in this case, the Croí multidisciplinary team can help you set a safe and realistic programme of activities to suit you and to enable you to continue your progression after Phase III.

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