Brian’s Cycling Challenge

10th August 2020 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Paris, France

Brian’s family were affected by heart disease when their dad passed away following a heart attack, and this has inspired him to raise awareness of heart disease and also help to raise funds for Croí, the West of Ireland Cardiac and Stroke Foundation.

Brian is planning on achieving this by taking on a very unique challenge, cycling from Galway to Paris in 3 stages via Wales and England over 7 days!

If you would like to support Brian’s challenge please see the link here to his Facebook Event Page – here.

If you would like to sponsor Brian’s Cycling Challenge, you can contact him directly on 089 4516252.


Challenge Details:

Day 1:
Leaving Galway at 8am and cycling the longest stretch of the challenge at 218km to Dublin port. where he will catch the ferry over to Holyhead in Wales. There will be an overnight stop here before taking on Day 2!

Day 2:
The 2nd leg of the journey consists of a 180km cycle from Holyhead to Shrewsbury, and Brian is hoping to complete this in 9 hours.

Day 3: 
On day 3, Brian will head to Oxford, which will be the longest day while in England, at 196km and the duration of this cycle will be around 10 hours.

Day 4:
On this leg he heads from Oxford to Crawley for a distance of 136km, staying just outside of London to avoid traffic. This should take roughly 7 – 8 hours.

Day 5:
From Oxford, Brian will head to Dover taking on the final leg of the England stage for a distance of 133km, which is also the shortest of the entire challenge. From Dover Brian intends to take the Ferry over to the North of France, Calais.

Day 6:
This will be the first leg of the France stage, and will take Brian 150km from Calais to Amiens for a duration of roughly 7-8 hours.

Day 7:
This will be the final leg of the entire challenge and will consist of a 160km stretch to the finish line in Paris.