5 reasons to shop with a grocery list

Not many people like the weekly trip to the supermarket. Make it easier on yourself by using a weekly grocery list — our top 5 reasons why not to leave the house without one!

1. A grocery list is a tool for meal planning. What should you put on your list? Take some time to think about what you need vs. what you want, research some new recipes, think of the staples that you eat daily, and voila! You’ve planned some meals for the week.

2. A grocery list saves you money. When you make a list before going to the grocery store, you’ll likely spend less on impulse purchases and stick to the aisles that have the foods you are looking for.

3. A grocery list saves you time. A list prepares you for navigating the aisles and helps to limit the mindless wandering or “what should I buy for dinner tonight” moments. Which could take more than a few minutes to ponder!

4. A grocery list helps with food waste. Your trolley is bigger than your stomach. Much bigger. Buying more than you and your family will eat may lead to food spoiling— especially if you don’t eat it in time!

5. A grocery list saves your waistline. Planned shopping trips might just be healthier— if you want them to be. Making a healthy foods list at home vs. shopping without a list will help to keep you on track.


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