“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” W. Buffett

Don’t You Want To Leave A Legacy Of Healthy Hearts?

After taking care of loved ones and other priorities, many people want the assurance that they are leaving behind something that will help others and do good in the world. When you leave a gift to Croí Heart and Stroke Charity in your Will, you’ll be using your legacy to continue the fight against heart disease and stroke.

No matter the amount, your planned gift creates a brighter future for everyone — one where heart disease and stroke rob fewer families of their precious loved ones.

When you leave a gift to Croí in your Will, you’ll ensure that your legacy lives on forever by guaranteeing we have the resources needed for all our lifesaving programs!

Over 80% of cardiovascular disease can be prevented through simple lifestyle changes and risk factor management. Your gift in your Will will help us raise awareness and prevent disease through programmes such as: free cardiac health checks to the community, health and well-being events, public talks, and healthy lifestyle programs that significantly reduce risk factors.

Did you know that over two-thirds of all out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occurred at home? Your gift to Croí ensures that community members have the training and skills they need — like CPR and defibrillation — to save lives. You’ll also be helping provide the most up-to-date training and education programmes to healthcare professionals.

Recovering from a stroke is a long journey. You can help us offer a wide range of stroke support services including support groups, physical activity programmes, and health and lifestyle programmes. Your gift will also help fund the Croí Courtyard Apartments, which allow families to be able to stay together free of charge while one of them is receiving treatment at Galway University Hospital — a priceless gift during a stressful time.

To put it simply, a gift in your Will can continue to save lives and prevent heart disease well into the future!

Generally speaking, there are four main types of legacy gifts:

Pecuniary Gift – This is a sum of money — large or small — left to a charity in a Will.

Residuary Gift – This is a gift of the remainder of an estate after all other beneficiaries have been provided for.

Specific Request – This is a gift of a named item – for example, a painting.

Contingent Benefit – This is a gift that is dependent on other factors, such as the donor outliving all other beneficiaries.


However you choose to remember Croí through your Will, and whatever size your legacy may be, you can be sure it will be appreciated and put to work to help prevent disease and save lives.

In all cases, you require the services of your solicitor to include your bequest in your Will. If you currently do not have a solicitor or a Will, it is very easy to find one who can draw up a Will for you. All solicitors should be providing this service at a nominal fee.

Should you decide to honour Croí through your Will, a confidential, no-obligations meeting can be arranged to discuss how a legacy from you can best support our work in the fight against heart disease and stroke.

To learn more about leaving a lifesaving legacy, please contact Christine in confidence on 091 544331 or email christine@croi.ie.

If you have already decided to include a gift to Croí in your will, it would be wonderful if you could let us know. We’d love to have the chance to thank you personally, and talk to you about the different ways your gift could be used. Knowing about your legacy also helps us to plan with confidence, and make sure your wishes are fulfilled.

You can let us know about your bequest by christine@croi.ie or phoning us at 091 544310.

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