New service: Heartlink West

TELEPHONE HELPLINE: 091-544310 (Monday – Friday, 09:00-17:30)

The challenges facing people living with heart disease and stroke are now greater than any that have come before. The risk of serious complications with COVID-19 is higher for people living with heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity.

Croí is responding to the needs of our community and has launched a new service, connecting people living with heart disease or stroke with nurses, dietitians, physios and exercise specialists. Please don’t hesitate to contact our health team if you have concerns.

COVID-19: Advice for individuals living with heart disease or stroke

For people living with heart disease or stroke, prevention is key. You need to be extra vigilant by following the advice of the HSE, being aware of the symptoms and by taking the recommended precautionary measures.

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