Croí Recipes

Often the food you cook yourself tastes the best! Also, you have the advantage of knowing exactly what goes into your food when you prepare it yourself. Cooking healthy food at home doesn’t have to be boring.

Check out some of these Croí recommended recipes
below for some great tips and ideas:

Croí Recipes

Fish Recipes

It’s no coincidence that fish-eating Inuit populations in the Arctic have low levels of heart disease; seafood is low in saturated fat and high in omega-3, (which can both) protect the heart from disease and lower the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
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Healthy Baking Tips

By adjusting the ingredients you use in cooking and baking, you can incorporate treats into your healthy eating lifestyle.
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Healthy Lunchbox Tips

Filling the daily lunchbox can be a chore for many parents. Packed lunches, just like any other meal, need to be balanced to keep our kids happy & healthy! Here are some ideas to make filling a healthy lunchbox that little bit easier, tasty & fun – ideas that your kids will love!

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Smoothie Recipes

Note: Each Recipe provides 2 glasses (2 portions)!

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