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Hello from the Croí Physiotherapy and Physical Activity Team!

We are delighted to share some home-based exercise videos to help you keep fit and exercise from home. Please share these links with your family and friends, and let’s all stay fit and healthy together!

There are three main types of exercise; aerobic, muscle strengthening and stretching exercise. Each of the different types of exercise brings about different physical outcomes. For example; aerobic exercise is great for the heart and lungs; muscle strengthening exercise helps reverse age-associated decline in muscle strength; and stretching exercise can reduce joint stiffness and muscle tightness. It is also important to know how much of each type of exercise you should be doing to optimise your physical health. This is described using the acronym FITT (Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type). Read and watch on to find out more!

Disclaimer for online videos: Performing these exercises is at your own risk. Croí cannot be held responsible or liable for any injury or harm incurred while exercising using the online resources provided on our website. Those unaccustomed to exercise or with special health considerations should consult their medical practitioner before performing any exercise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is typically a 1-hour circuit designed to be open to all abilities. The class is designed so that even the most unfit person can participate.

No. Class participants can be individuals who are currently healthy but just want to increase their exercise levels to improve their overall lifestyle and cardiovascular health. Those with a disease/condition can also happily join the class, participate at their own level and gain from the benefits of exercise.

The class will provide you with:

  • Step by step advice to achieve a structure where you can start exercising in your own home.
  • Advice on how to progression and adapt at an exercise programme to meet your individual needs.
  • Improvements in health, wellbeing and fitness.
  • A structured activity that can be completed independently in the comfort of your own home.

This class is designed specifically with the participants needs in mind. The exercise and advice is given in a visual and factual format. This makes exercising at home a realistic choice and also enjoyable.

Classes are ideally suited to anyone, of any age who wants to improve overall health, fitness and wellbeing.

The home-based exercise class can take the plan of your regular Croí class or your gym session. There are no pieces of “heavy machinery” (bikes, treadmills, rowers) and you can repurpose items at home for weights required. The beauty of the home circuit is that everyone starts at their own level.

You need to be independently mobile to partake in this class or if balance is an issue perhaps trial the class in a chair. If you are after an operation, a cardiac event, a hospital stay or deterioration in your overall health status this class may not be for you right now. It may be useful in the future and thus a physiotherapy assessment may be required to direct you to correct level of exercise for you at this time. If you require some advice please call the Croí physiotherapist on 091 544310.

Yes. Being physically active prevents and helps control heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and many other long term conditions and can improve health and wellbeing.

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