What is the Croí CLANN Programme

The Croí CLANN programme is a specialised 10-week programme delivered online by a specialist team which includes a dietitian, nurse, physical activity specialist and health psychologist. The programme aims to educate, empower and support participants to live a healthy lifestyle, reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease and discover their best weight. Participation in the Croí CLANN programme is by referral only from the Bariatric Medicine Clinic in University Hospital Galway.

What does this programme offer me?


You will be invited to meet with the Croí Health team via video call for an initial one-to-one assessment. We understand that for many people the concept of an online programme can be new and even a bit daunting, therefore, we offer small group and one-to-one training sessions and support to help you improve your technology skills and confidence. Many people have successfully completed the online CLANN programme having never used Zoom before!

At your initial assessment, you will have a one-to-one chat with each member of the Croí Health Team (nurse, dietitian and physical activity specialist). Here you will discuss things like your eating habits, physical activity levels, smoking status, sleep, stress, cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose levels and weight history. We will discuss your personal goals and priorities, chat about any previous approaches you have taken to manage your health or your weight and together, we will agree on personalised goals that are important to you.

We recognise that many people who join the CLANN programme have tried numerous diets or approaches to weight loss in the past. We also recognise that many people have faced weight stigma. We aim to create a space where you feel supported and listened to. Our team recognise that there are many factors which impact weight that are beyond a person’s control. We will always take a non-judgemental approach and focus on you as an individual and how we can support you to achieve your goals.


Following this initial assessment, you will be invited to attend an 8-week online group-based programme. Each session will be led by a member of the Croí Health Team and will cover topics such as:

  • Goal setting
  • Eating for health
  • Physical activity and movement for physical and mental wellbeing
  • Food labels
  • Reducing your risk factors for heart disease and stroke
  • Managing emotions
  • Maintaining changes long term

In addition to the live weekly sessions, you will also have access to a private website where you can review the weekly sessions as well as access additional resources. There is also an option to attend a weekly online low-intensity exercise class.

Throughout the programme, you will have regular check-ins with the Croí Health Team.


On Week 10 you will have another one-to-one meeting with the health team to review your progress. This will also provide you with the opportunity to review and set goals which will help you maintain any changes you have made to your lifestyle long-term.

To find out more about the Croí CLANN Programme contact:
Telephone: 091 544310 | Email:

Participation in the Croí CLANN programme is by referral only from the Bariatric Medicine Clinic in University Hospital Galway.

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