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Discover the impact of Croí in Your community!

Our team of heart health and stroke prevention specialists offer care, support and resources to help you and your community thrive.

Our mobile health unit is a vital addition to our existing community initiatives, fostering strong community engagement and showcasing Croí’s unwavering commitment to ensuring equitable cardiovascular health for all.

Understanding your risk, knowing your numbers and ensuring early detection, early diagnosis and timely treatment are crucial in the fight against stroke and heart disease.

The Croí Community Health Team is leading this effort by partnering with communities and workplaces across the region. Our expert team provides heart health checks, interactive workshops and practical tips to help you adopt and maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle to prevent stroke and heart disease and save lives.

Join us on this journey to improved well-being where you live and work as we work together to build a healthier future by sharing knowledge and promoting positive lifestyle changes 

Croí in Your Community

Mobile Health Unit

Host Croí’s Mobile Heart Health Unit at your event or in your community.

  • Heart Health Check
  • CPR Demos  
  • Workshops  
  • Talks  

Community Heart Health Checks

Croí’s Community Health Team is ready to visit your local area to offer:

  • Blood Pressure Measurement 
  • Pulse Checks
  • Lifestyle Advice & Risk Factor Management  
  • Signposting & Resources 
  • Individual Record Card 

Community Health Talks

 Our experienced team delivers engaging and informative sessions designed to empower you with the knowledge to take charge of your health.

In-person talks on heart health and stroke prevention, tailored to all age groups. From understanding risk factors to learning about prevention strategies, our talks offer practical tips and advice to help you and your loved ones stay healthy. 

Information Stand

Staffed by our Nurse Specialist offering expert  advice, signposting and resources.  

CPR Training

Croí delivers a range of certified courses in lifesaving skills including resuscitation and dealing with life-threatening emergencies such as choking. Being equipped with the necessary skills can mean the difference between life and death. By taking the time to learn about resuscitation and life-saving skills you could save someone’s life.

Young People & Heart Health

You are never too young to start looking after your heart health. Find out more about our interactive educational workshops for schools and clubs.

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Workplace Wellbeing

Croí offers Workplace Wellbeing Programmes delivered by an expert multidisciplinary health team of Cardiovascular Nurse Specialists, a Dietitian, Health psychologist, Physiotherapist and an Occupational Therapist who work in the Croí Heart and Stroke Centre in Galway.

Mobile Heart Health Unit

Have our mobile heart health unit visit your workplace. Staffed by our Nurse Specialist and includes all informational resources.

Rapid Health Check for Your Workplace

  • 10 minute appointments to include blood pressure measurement, pulse checks and risk factor discussion 
  • Personal record card  
  • Signposting to FREE Croí Nurse Helpline and appropriate resources or programmes 

Certified CPR/Uncertified CPR

This course is a great way for your team to learn about CPR, learn to recognise when CPR is needed and gain the fundamental skills to be able to deliver CPR in your workplace, home or community.

Healthy Hearts Programme

This 8-week, self-paced, virtual programme has been developed by our specialist team of Cardiovascular Nurse Specialists, a Cardiac Dietitian, Health Psychologist and Physical Activity Specialists. 

Talks, Workshops & Webinars

Delivered as live webinars, in-person talks, workshops or pre-recorded sessions over 45-60 minutes, we offer a wide range of engaging talks.

Information Stand

Staffed by our Nurse Specialist offering expert advice, signposting and resources. 


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