Croí Unveils Ambitious Three-Year Strategy to Enhance Cardiovascular Health

Croí, the Heart and Stroke Charity, officially launched its comprehensive three-year strategy today at a well-attended event at Croí House. The strategy, which outlines the charity’s goals and objectives from 2024 to 2027, aims to significantly improve cardiovascular health outcomes across more communities through widened geographical reach and increased service capacity.

The launch event featured contributions from Croí Chief Executive Mark O’Donnell, Croí Chairman Mark Gantly, former CEO Neil Johnson, Croí’s Medical Director, Professor Jim Crowley, volunteer Mary Lillis and Dr. Lisa Hynes, Croí’s Head of Health Programmes / Health Psychologist. The event was attended by a diverse group of stakeholders, including invited guests, volunteers, service users, and supporters.

Vision and Mission

Croí’s vision is “an end to premature death or disability from cardiovascular disease in Ireland.” To achieve this, the foundation’s mission focuses on preventing heart disease and stroke, saving lives, and empowering people, families, and communities to take control of their health and well-being.

Three-Year Goal

The cornerstone of the new strategy is to extend Croí’s reach and capacity, while committing to a clear set of actions and targets. The charity aims to deliver better cardiovascular health outcomes by increasing access to prevention, support, and advocacy services across the region.

Strategic Objectives

The strategy outlines eight key strategic objectives, each supported by specific metrics and actions designed to ensure measurable progress:

  1. Prevention: Increase access to early detection and support for managing risk factors.
  2. Support: Provide comprehensive care and support to individuals and families affected by heart disease and stroke.
  3. Patient Empowerment and Advocacy: Empower patients through education and advocacy efforts.
  4. Community: Prioritise serving the communities with the greatest unmet need, with an expanded focus on the region.
  5. People: Focus on the development of Croí’s team, Board & volunteers
  6. Financial Sustainability: Ensure long-term financial health and sustainability.
  7. Communication: Enhance communication strategies to raise awareness and engage with stakeholders.
  8. Governance: Maintain best practices in governance to ensure transparency and accountability.

Key Actions and Initiatives

  • Targeted Prevention Programmes: Deliver programmes and campaigns based on risk factor management.
  • Psychological Support Services: Develop multi-tiered support services for those impacted by cardiovascular diseases.
  • Stroke Hub: Operationalise the new Stroke Hub at Croí House by 2025.
  • Advocacy and Policy Change: Actively campaign for the development of a National Cardiovascular Health Plan.
  • Community:  Expand Croí’s regional footprint with a particular emphasis on counties Galway, Mayo, Clare, Leitrim, Roscommon, Sligo and Donegal.


Leadership Statements

Mark Gantly, Croí Chairman, emphasised the importance of community support in achieving these ambitious goals. “We are grateful for the exceptionally generous legacy donation from the Joe and Helen O’Toole Charitable Trust, which has been a catalyst for our strategic planning. Together, we can make a real difference in the health of our community,” he said.

Mark O’Donnell, Croí CEO, highlighted the charities’ commitment to innovation and excellence. “Our team is dedicated to pushing boundaries and increasing our positive impact. This strategy underpins our commitment to preventing heart disease and stroke and supporting those affected by these conditions,” he remarked.

For more information about Croí and to read the full strategic plan click here.


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