Exciting ‘Acting on Heart Failure’ events on the horizon in Germany!

There are some exciting ‘Acting on Heart Failure’ events on the horizon in Germany!  On the 26th of May, Herzschwäche Franken e.V., a Heart Failure support group in Germany, will be leading a Heart Failure Patient Day!  The mayor of Nurnberg will address guests at the event and pledge support for Heart Failure.

Four medical experts will then talk to the public and engage in a valuable Q&A session.  Having access to Heart Failure experts and hearing from them directly is a fantastic step toward raising public and political awareness of this disease.  Have a look at the event flyer and head over to Herzschwäche Franken e.V.’s Facebook page to get all the details of the event.  Don’t forget to check back in to this website to see Germany’s progress on the ‘Acting on Heart Failure’ campaign, and to see the activities of the other European countries in raising awareness for Heart Failure.


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