New Ways to Improved Health & Fitness with Croi

New Ways to Improved Health & Fitness with Croi

Croí’s Specialist Cardiac Physiotherapist, Denise Dunne says: “These new initiatives are proving very popular with people post stroke and those with conditions such as COPD and Heart Failure and we have capacity to cater for many more people who are interested in joining us.”

Being physically active prevents and helps control a multitude of health problems, especially, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity but often it is difficult for people with physical limitations to engage in meaningful fitness programmes. The Croi Chair Yoga and Active Hour provide a locally accessible opportunity for anyone looking to commence a safe and beneficial exercise and flexibility programme supervised by professional trainers and exercise specialists.

The six-week rolling programmes are specially designed to suit all levels of fitness and abilities. These programmes, led by an expert cardiac physiotherapist and yoga trainer provide many benefits:

  • Slow, controlled movement: The chair is used in both chair yoga and active hour as a prop enabling you to move in your own capacity.
  • Learn skills to relax the mind
  • Improve your breathing
  • Relax the nervous and digestive system
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve strength, balance, flexibility and stability in the body
  • Assist with falls prevention
  • Keeps joints mobile

“These exciting new initiatives facilitate all ability levels so that everyone can make health gains from participation in these programmes. Classes are open to everyone and we will gladly assist you in choosing which programme is right for you so that you have the opportunity to engage in a meaningful health and wellbeing programme to assist lifestyle change or whatever your individual fitness goal may be” says Dunne.

Croi ‘Chair Yoga’ and the Croi ‘Active Hour’ take place in the Croi Heart and Stroke Centre, Newcastle, Galway on a weekly basis.

For further information or to book a place on either of these programmes call Croí now on 091 544310


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