Resistance Training at Home

Exercises to help gain muscle strength

To begin strengthening your muscles you need to engage in resistance training. This involves performing a series of exercises where you lift a weight that you are unaccustomed to for a specific amount of repetitions. This type of training can provide significant functional benefits and improvements in overall health and well-being. These improvements include: increased bone density, improved muscle mass and joint function, reduced potential for injury, increased metabolism and improved cardiac function.

As with aerobic exercise there is a set FITT guideline to bring about the above physical outcomes.

Frequency (How many days per week do I need to engage in muscle strengthening exercise)

    • 2-3 days/week

Intensity (How hard do I need to be working when I’m doing my muscle strengthening exercise)

    • Moderate* intensity

Time (How long should a muscle strengthening session last for)

    • Approx. 30-40 minutes – complete 8-10 exercises per set and aim to complete 2-4 sets.

Type (Examples of muscle strengthening exercise)

*It is important that you perform your muscle strengthening exercises at a moderate intensity. In this instance, moderate intensity refers to the amount of times you can lift a weight during an exercise. Ideally you want to select a weight for each exercise that you can lift 12 times. If you can easily perform 15 repetitions of an exercise, the weight is low intensity and not enough of a challenge to strengthen your muscles. Likewise if you struggle to perform 8 repetitions, the weight is high intensity and not appropriate.  You can download our Resistance Training at home booklet which will explain this is a little more detail.


Please read page 8 of our Resistance Training at Home booklet for important general instructions for resistance training at home.

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