The Ard Ri – The Music of Gerry King CD On Sale Now

The Ard Ri - The Music of Gerry King

In 2015, musician and accordionist Gerry King, passed away suddenly of a cardiac event.  Prior to his passing Gerry’s sister Caitriona has tried to persuade Gerry to make a CD of his music. The CD did not emerge in his lifetime but thanks to the determination of his family and friends it has now been produced in testimony to his talent as an accordion player and to document his contributions to the traditional music legacy of Inishbofin, Co. Galway.

On Friday 12th May 2017, Gerry’s family and friends came together at The Connacht Hotel, Galway and officially launched ‘The Ard Rí – The Music of Gerry King’. The King family chose Croí Heart and Stroke as the beneficiary of the proceeds received for the event.

The Ard Rí

When Gerry joined the army in 1969, he was the only person in Dun Uí Mhaolíosa by that name. However, in 1975, a new recruit entered the barracks by the name of Gerry King also. As time went on, and one might be looking for Gerry, one would always get the reply: “Which Gerry King?” So one day, when I got this reply, I answered that I was looking for the older King or the High King. A Connemara lad replied “Ni fhaca mé an Ard Rí”! From here on in, Gerry would be known as ‘The Ard Rí’, a title of which he was very proud.

Brendan Forde

Addendum: This nickname spread to the trad circuit in Galway and when trying to persuade Gerry to make a CD, his sister Caitriona, suggested he called it ‘The Ard Rí’, Gerry smiled and agreed it was a good name.



The Ard Rí – The Music of Gerry King is currently on sale now from Community Development Office, Inishbofin Community Centre and will be on sale at Croi Heart & Stroke Charity, Croí House, Newcastle, Galway from May 25th.

More outlets to be announced follow The Ard Ri Facebook page for more updates.


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