Croí welcomes new obesity policy and action plan.

Last week the government launched the Healthy Weight for Ireland – Obesity Policy and Action plan 2016 – 2025 which aims to tackle the country’s growing obesity epidemic. The levels of overweight and obesity have doubled in the last two decades and now the majority of the Irish population are overweight or obese (60% of adults and 1 in 4 children), which highlights that obesity is fast becoming a significant threat to our nation’s health. Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for many diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. The policy recognises the solutions are multiple and complex therefore outlines ‘Ten Steps Forward’ which includes 60 actions to help reverse the growing obesity trend, reduce health complications and reduce the overall burden of overweight and obesity in Ireland.

"Croí greatly welcomes this report, as it is a positive step forward in tackling obesity a major health issue for the Irish population. However, investing in its implementation will be critical in achieving the ambitious actions that it sets out to achieve by 2025" Said Irene Gibson, Director of Programmes & Prevention Nurse Specialist at Croi.

The full report 'A Healthy Weight for Ireland, Obesity Policy & Action Plan' can be read here.


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