Good news for potato lovers!

A review of the research, published earlier this month, has not found an association between intake of potatoes and risks of obesity, type 2 diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, french fries (i.e. chips) may be associated with an increased risks of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

In Ireland, potatoes are a very popular food source. Unfortunately, some people eat potatoes in the form of greasy french fries or potato chips, and even baked potatoes are somtimes loaded down with fats such as butter, sour cream and melted cheese. But take away the extra fat and deep frying, and a potato is an exceptionally healthful low calorie, high fiber food that offers much nutritional goodness. The key messages when eating potatoes is limit the added fat and watch your portion control.

By; Claire Kerins Cardiac & Weight Management Specialist Dietitian Croi

Read the full report here via The Americian Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

10 Fun and Interesting Potato Facts

  1. 1580 – the year potatoes were introduced to Ireland
  2. China is the number 1 potato producing country in the world
  3. The potato was the first vegetable grown in space in 1995
  4. 2008 was the UN International Year of the Potato
  5. The average annual potato consumption in Ireland is 85kg per person – compared to just 33kg per person per annum worldwide!
  6. Ireland produced 382,000 tonnes of potatoes in 2013
  7. The Rooster is the most planted main crop potato variety, accounting for 60% of all plantings and retail sales
  8. There are now 540 potato growers in Ireland
  9. 1801 – the year French fries were first served in the USA
  10. 1853 – the year the potato crisp was invented

(via BordBia, 2014)


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