Being overweight is another risk factor for heart disease. You are more likely to develop heart disease if you are overweight, even if you have no other risk factors. Being overweight, especially if your weight gathers around your middle, can lead to higher cholesterol levels and increase your risk of diabetes.

You need to be sure that you are a healthy weight. Lots of people think their weight is fine even when they really are overweight or obese – and are often quite offended if their doctor tells them they need to lose weight. Currently in Ireland, nearly one out of every three adults are overweight or obese. Men are more likely to be overweight than women with 70% of men overweight or obese, compared with 53% of women.

Don’t assume that your weight is fine, check it out. Your GP or practice nurse will be able to calculate your Body Mass Index and weight circumference for you and this will let you know if you are a healthy weight or if you need to lose some weight.

Measuring Your Waist Circumference

  • Place the tape measure half way between the top of your hip bone and your lowest rub.
  • Wrap the tape measure around your waist and ensure that the tape is level all the way around.
  • Relax, exhale, and measure your waist.

Waist Measurement Should Be:

Men: Less than or equal to 94cm (37 inches)
Women: Less than or equal to 80cm (32 inches)