Heart Failure Patient Toolkit Launched

A new Heart Failure Patient Toolkit, specially developed for people with heart failure and their families, is brought to you by the Heart Failure Patient Alliance – a partnership between the heart and stroke charity Croí (the West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation) and The Heartbeat Trust (a national Heart Failure charity), which aims to increase awareness of Heart Failure and provide a voice for those living with the condition.

In this Toolkit you will find

  • Practical advice on living with Heart Failure.
  • Tips on improving your health and wellbeing with healthy lifestyle changes like being active and eating well.
  • Videos featuring advice from Irish people living with Heart Failure as well as a range of health care professionals such as a cardiologist, a GP, a dietitian, a heart failure nurse specialist and more.
  • Quizzes and patient case studies to strengthen your knowledge and understanding.


Creation of this Toolkit was sponsored by Novartis