Learn what a Heart Attack feels like – It could save your Life!

"We are encouraging everyone to learn the main signs and symptoms of heart attack and to take immediate action by phoning 999 or 112 for an ambulance, if you suspect that you, or a family member may be having a heart attack. All too often, people wait too long to take appropriate action; which can limit treatment options, increase risk of complications following heart attack, and unfortunately, in too many cases, individuals die at home before they seek help.”Irene Gibson, Director of Programs, Croi Heart and Stroke Charity

A heart attack occurs when there is a sudden complete blockage of a coronary artery (the arteries which supply blood to the heart muscle). This can happen when the plaque, a fat like substance which builds up in the lining of these blood vessels eventually ruptures or tears and a blood clot is formed, which blocks a narrowed section of the coronary artery. The clot stops blood from flowing to that area of heart muscle. As a result, this area of heart muscle will not receive any blood supply and oxygen and therefore will become damaged.

For more information on this plaque build up and cholesterol management you can download our booklet here Croí Cholesterol Booklet

With Heart Attack, minutes matter, so the key message is ‘Know the Signs of Heart Attack and Take Immediate Action by calling 999 or 112’.


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