Croí MySláinte is a 12-week Virtual Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme. The programme gives participants  and families the information, support and advice needed to return to everyday life post a cardiovascular event. This programme is funded by the Government of Ireland’s Sláintecare Integration Fund 2019.

Throughout the programme, participants work with a team of healthcare professionals, including a Specialist Cardiovascular Nurse, Physiotherapist and Dietitian. They help support, motivate and empower participants to take control over their medical and lifestyle risk factors, so that people can live well with their cardiovascular condition. Our goal is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make changes to their lifestyle in a realistic way that can be sustained long-term.

Our report on the outcomes found that Croí MySláinte delivered significant health improvements for participants. Read the report now.

Stories from our MySláinte Participants


The Cardiac Rehabilitation MySlainte program run by Croi is a lifesaver for me. Since I was accepted onto the program Croi have gone above and beyond in helping me understand what my heart event means to me in the present and for my future. Croi are equipping me with the knowledge and physical and psychological tools needed to manage my nutrition, exercise levels, mental and emotional health. I will forever be indebted to Croi for teaching me how to live after my heart attack. My life is changing for the better now and for my future, and this is all thanks to Croi and the MySlainte program. A special mention to the Croi team: Annie, Denise, Aisling, Zoe and Gilly. Thank you for teaching and helping me. I urge everyone who has suffered a heart event to reach out to Croi to get the fantastic help and knowledge that is available. Get yourself on to a cardiac rehabilitation program such as MySlainte. It will save your life!

Niall, MySláinte Participant

My Sláinte Programme has become part of my weekly routine, fitting in between my Monday Yoga class and my Thursday afternoon Pilates class. Workouts for all three are quite similar, which suits. The resources provided by Croí MySláinte are amazing-Fitbit watch, BP monitor and measuring tape. The content of the Workbook is very comprehensive – clearly laid out and informative. With the help of the downloads, I have continuous access to the many and varied exercises and dietary advice. Aisling, Denise and Zoe, our dietician, physio and nurse work together to deliver a professional and varied programme while interacting on a personal basis with us, the clients. I consider myself very lucky to be invited to partake in this MySláinte Programme. Thank you to all the team.

Rosemarie Downey, MySláinte Participant

I have really enjoyed and benefited from the course. I have found it very interesting and informative. As a Type 1 Diabetic, the course has also helped. I was already eating in a healthy manner, but I have improved my diet further and I am certainly doing more cardio-type exercise than I was previously. Thank you very much to you and all your team for all your hard work and for enabling me to do the course.

Leslie Fitzgibbon, MySláinte Participant

For someone who came to the programme rather reluctantly, what a surprise it has been! It has restored my confidence in getting my life back after traumatic heart surgery and given me excellent tools in managing going forward. All presenters have been totally competent in their area of specialty and have communicated in a very caring and compassionate manner. Thank you.

Margaret McDonagh, MySláinte Participant

Referrer Comments

It’s unfortunate your programme has come to an end, it has really been a great initiative during these uncertain times.

Kind regards,

Sally Glynn, Cardiology CNS, Bon Secours Hospital, Galway.

Many thanks for your energy and efforts to provide Cardiac Rehabilitation for our clients during this time. I do hope you get support in the future to launch again.

Kind regards,

Nicola, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Bon Secours Hospital, Galway.

The virtual programme was of immense help to our service and patients and their families at a time when our programme was paused due to redeployment of staff. It offered an option of rehab to service users that otherwise would be waiting months to gain access to our hospital programme. It meant that when our staff returned from redeployment that we were working in real time with referrals coming in rather than dealing with massive backlogs. Also it ensured access to a dietitian and physiotherapist which sadly, are missing from our hospital based CR multidisciplinary team.

Service users have informed us that the virtual programme provided them with a lifeline during shut down due to Covid-19. Several have shared their personal stories such as: being able to participate in a virtual programme while still caring for a spouse in the home – without the programme this person would have had to decline the offer of cardiac rehab. I am ever grateful to Croí for facilitating my patients often at short notice to look after their own health.  I eagerly await the further feedback from service users and indeed your outcomes when collated.

Kind regards,

Ann Marie Brown, Cardiac Rehab Coordinator, Mayo University Hospital, Castlebar, Co. Mayo

We, in Sligo University hospital, feel it would be vital that this programme continues. As the research shows uptake of cardiac rehabilitation remains low despite its documented benefits to patients.  The Croí Virtual cardiac rehabilitation under Sláintecare offers the patient a multi-disciplinary approach, which is evidence-based and allows the patient to adhere to all COVID-19 guidelines, irrespective of the COVID-19 measures in place in that county. As COVID-19 levels are ever changing and impacting on waiting lists in the acute services, virtual cardiac rehab allows us to have alternative options to address some our patient’s needs and minimize our waiting lists.

Kind regards,

Audrey, Senior Cardiology Physiotherapist

 This project was funded by the Government of Ireland’s Sláintecare Integration Fund 2019, under Grant Agreement number 121 to support the delivery of
services which focus on prevention, community care and integration of care across all health and social care settings.