What is fat ?

What is fat?

We all need a small portion of fat in our diet, but fat is considered to be less healthy than other nutrients as is can raise our blood cholesterol, increase our risk to heart disease and are high in calories which can lead to weight gain.

Top tips on reducing your fat intake:

  • Choose healthier cooking methods – bake, boil, poach or grill food rather than fry.
  • Choose healthy oils when cooking e.g. rapeseed oil and use sparingly.
  • Substitute full fat for low fat products. Remember low fat dairy has the same amount of calcium as full fat dairy.
  • Limit red meat intake – maximum 3 times per week. 1 portion of red meat should be no bigger than the palm of your hand. Remember ham counts as a red meat!
  • Replace red meat with chicken, turkey, fish, eggs or beans.

Note: Low fat diary has the same amount of calcium as full fat diary. Focus on getting your calcium from low fat milk and yoghurts, as opposed to cheese.


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