Couch to 5km

This program is intended for a complete beginner, so as long as you are injury free and in relatively good health you should have no problems with getting through this challenge. Please consult your GP prior to partaking in physical activity just to be on the safe side.

Any physical activity can be made that much easier if it is done with others and it is a great way to stay motivated. Especially as the nights are getting longer and the couch is calling, it is made that much easier to get out when you know someone is there with you through the tough patches in your training when your already a little tired from work, so the more the merrier.

Remember to always stretch and warm up correctly before you exercise and a good cooldown stretch at the end to ensure your muscles keep there suppleness and you don’t get to sore.

Choose the right clothing and footwear, its not a bad idea to get online and look at some independent reviews if you are unsure on what is adequate. Also remember this is Ireland so make sure to wear good bright colours so you can be seen on those dark evenings.

If you can, have a small snack no less that 45 minutes before your training and a good meal post exercise. This will help with stopping any muscle soreness. Try and keep your diet as clean as possible, just like your car, if it is filled with dirty fuel it just wont work the same. Your body is no different from this, so plenty of greens fish, nuts, berrys and some fruit. Try and stay away from sugary drinks (this includes isotonic drinks). Ultra marathon runners and long distance cyclists wont take on such drinks until after 1hr 45min of training so this will give you a rough idea of the level you need to be at to require these drinks. That been said, stay well hydrated with some good old H2O.

The very best of luck.just remember this is not to set records, its to get you to complete your first 5k.


DAY1: 50 minutes of constant walking, cool down stretch

DAY2: Walk for 20 minutes, then 20 minutes alternate – jog 100m then walk 100m repeat , cool down stretch

DAY3: 60 minutes walk, cool down stretch

DAY4: For 20 minutes you will jog 200m then walk 200m repeat,keep this up for the entire 20 minutes, when the 20 minutes is up, walk for 15 minutes then do your cool down stretch.

Day 5: No less than 30 minutes walk

Any questions don't hesitate to message our event page and we will get in touch!

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