Learn how to have a healthy relationship with food

Are you tired of dieting, food rules, and constantly obsessing over what you eat? Do you want to rebuild a healthy and sustainable relationship with food, free from guilt and restriction? If so, our 8-week Intuitive Eating Group Programme is here to guide you on a transformative journey toward a more mindful and nourishing way of eating.


What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is a set of skills and tools that help you move away from external food rules and learn to eat in response to your body’s natural appetite and biological cues. It can help you to become more in tune with your body’s internal hunger and fullness signals, move away from the ‘all or nothing’ mindset, help improve body appreciation and satisfaction, lead to more enjoyment for movement and exercising and more satisfaction from food. When the principles of Intuitive Eating are put into practice, it can help improve health markers such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose control.

Thank you, Mary O’Connor of The Galway Advertiser, for featuring a piece on Intuitive Eating with Aisling Harris, Croí Cardiac and Weight Management Dietitian, and certified intuitive eating counsellor. Read full article. 


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