Statement of our Governance and Accountability

Once again in recent weeks, the Charity Sector in Ireland has been the focus of much media attention following the revelation of a shocking lack of governance and accountability, abuse of trust and misuse of funds by yet another charity.

Trust, honesty, good governance and accountability are the pillars on which Croi are built. Each and every one of our employees and directors takes their individual and collective responsibilities in this regard very seriously. We have always, and will continue to ensure that we operate to the highest standards of governance and accountability ensuring that all resources received are used for the very purpose they were intended.

In terms of our Governance and Accountability, we would like to inform you of the following:

Croi is a registered Irish Charity and as such is registered in the Register of Charities and in the Companies Office as a company limited by guarantee.

Our financial records are independently audited annually and our audited accounts are filed with the Companies Office.

Our internal financial controls are governed by a financial controller and a finance sub-committee of our Board of Directors. Equally, we have a separate governance sub-committee of the Board.

Croi has adopted and adheres to both the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising and the Governance Code for charities in Ireland.

We publish an annual report in both hardcopy and on our website, which shows how we deploy our resources and which outlines the impact of our work each year

We have a voluntary Board of Directors who meet regularly to oversee the work of our organisation. All directors give freely of their time and expertise in a voluntary capacity and they do not receive any payments or claim any expenses of any kind. The Board is comprised of directors from varied backgrounds, with expertise in among others, business, finance, management, medicine and law. Directors are appointed for a fixed term and their names are listed in our audited accounts, our annual report and on our website.

Croi has an unblemished track record of over 30 years of fundraising and playing a significant role in the fight against heart disease and stroke in the west of Ireland. We rely totally on the support and goodwill of the general public and we are all acutely aware of our responsibility to operate at all times with honesty and integrity.

We hope this information is helpful to you in conveying the emphasis we place on good governance and accountability.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kevin O’Reilly / Neil Johnson

Chairman / Chief Executive

July 25th 2016


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