2024 ACLS Course Dates Announced

Welcome to ACLS 2023. Please ensure you have read and understood the course information on this page before registering. 

Click On Option Below To See the 2024 ACLS Course And Registration Dates.


  • April, Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th: Registration Closed
  • November, Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st: registration opens Monday 29th October

2 day course for nurses or doctors who have not done ACLS previously. Please book for both days. The course is taking place in Croí Heart & Stroke Centre. 


  • April, Wednesday 24th  – Registration closed
  • September, Wednesday 18th –registration opens Monday 19th August
  • October, Wednesday 23rd – registration opens Monday 23rd September

  • December, Wednesday 4th –registration opens Monday 11th November



  • May, Thursday 23rd – Registration closed

  • September, Thursday 19th  –registration opens Monday 19th August
  • October, Thursday 24th – registration opens Monday 23rd September  

  • December, Thursday 5th –registration opens monday 11th november

HeartCode ACLS is a Web-based e-learning product that uses micro-simulation technology to present realistic patient scenarios. Students are presented with the 10 ACLS Core cases in hospital-based scenarios. While interacting with the program, students assess each patient, formulate a treatment plan based on ACLS guidelines, and provide treatment. Successful completion of the Web-based cognitive component (Part A) is required before attending and successfully completing a series of skills assessments (Part B) provided by an authorised IHF/AHA training site. Successful completion of both elements meets the requirements for the issuing of an IHF/AHA ACLS Provider card to the participant. The International accreditation awarded to successful participants is recognised in over 50 countries throughout the world.


A standard 2–Day ACLS course provides a structured learning environment for multidisciplinary groups to develop and practice the skills, teamwork, and organisation necessary to effectively manage all cardiovascular emergencies. During the 2 day course candidates have ample time and opportunity to practice, perform and integrate these skills into an assortment of case scenarios both as a team member and team leader before their final assessments.

However, the HeartCode 4 Hour ACLS assessmnet provides NO TEACHING of practical skills during the Face to Face component. GUH only allow candidates who have successfully completed a standard 2-Day ACLS course and are already competent in the practical skills such as Non-Invasive Airway Management, Bag-Mask Ventilation, CPR and Manual Defibrillator operation to apply for this course.

Course Queries: Siobhán Keane, Resuscitation Officer GUH: 091- 542963 siobhan.keane@hse.ie

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