Croí Staff Profile: Patricia Hall

Patricia Hall, our Cardiovascular Nurse Specialist has been a brilliant asset to the Croí team since she came on board two years ago! We chatted with Patricia to learn more about her role with Croí.

Name: Patricia Hall

Job Title: Cardiovascular Nurse Specialist

Tell us about your role:
I work in a range of roles and settings, providing face-to-face advice to individuals and groups enrolled on the prevention programmes. I am also involved in a number of different community projects, screening and health promotion workshops, promoting healthy lifestyle choices, raising awareness of the importance of risk factor management and am currently the Nurse Lead on the Mayo Third Age Cardiovascular Health Project. My interest in stroke and stroke support means I oversee both the Galway and Mayo Stroke Support Groups and have been instrumental in the development and delivery of the MyStroke Educational Programme.

How has your role evolved with Croí?
Since joining Croí just 2 years ago my role continues to evolve from initial responsibility coordinating and delivering the programmes. In 2018 I coordinated the Ireland-ASPIRE National Survey of patients who have established heart disease. This year with the re-establishment of our presence in Mayo, I secured the role as Mayo Third Age Nurse Lead to launch and deliver a new, refocused initiative aimed at improving the cardiovascular health and well-being of the population of County Mayo so that they become exemplars of active and positive ageing.

Favourite, stand-out moment of your career with Croí so far:
There have been numerous so just to mention a few:

  • Ensuring the recruitment of sufficient participants for the I-ASPIRE study and delivering in an extremely tight timeline
  • Participating in the organisation and the fun involved in the annual Stroke Support Group summer outing and Christmas lunch
  • Hiking up to the statue behind Kylemore Abbey with a group of Croí patients and friends to mark World Heart Day 2019

What excites you about the future at Croí?
There are huge challenges ahead with keeping the risk of cardiovascular disease to the forefront of public awareness. With the focus on the Third Age, those over 55 years, there will be great opportunities to increase awareness and promote early detection of these conditions in order to significantly reduce the burden on the individual and on our health system.

What do you like to do when you’re not at the office?
Support Connacht Rugby at the Sportsground or head out into the hills with friends for a good hike.


Croí Staff Profile: Jacqui Aupiais

Jacqui Aupiais, Executive Assistant and Jac(qui) of all trades, celebrates a huge milestone this summer – 10 years with Croí! We chatted with Jacqui to learn how her role with Croí has evolved over the years, and what she loves most about being part of Team Croí!

Name: Jacqui Aupiais, BA (Hons), MA (Hons)

Job title: Executive Assistant (aka Jac(qui) of all trades!)

Tell us about your role:

In some ways, it’s difficult to define my role as there are so many elements to the work that I do. First and foremost, I’m Executive Assistant to our CEO. This role allows me to be involved in a number of different projects. I also work closely with the Training & Education team, this includes the organising and logistics of a number of our educational conferences and short courses aimed at healthcare professionals.

My colleagues tell me that I am the go to person for all manner of things, from the frequent ‘my computer is dead’ to ‘where do you keep the thingamajig for the whatchamacallit’ (eloquently described by the lovely Annie). My Ikea toolbox comes in handy quite often…!

What’s the best thing about your job?

I love the variety of my role – no two days are the same and the fact that I am involved in so many different areas, things never get boring.

How has your role evolved over your 10 years with Croí:

I was between jobs and had just finished my Masters in 2009 when I joined Croí on a 3-month maternity cover contract coordinating the CPR/AED training. The contract was extended to 6 months, a year… and then before I knew it, here I am 10 years later.

The one constant throughout this time has been the Executive Assistant role, but in the early days I also worked closely with the fundraising team and covered admin for the health team when needed. Once we moved into Croí House, my role grew and I managed meeting and events and the building operations which included the lovely three apartments we have for families of patients in cardiac or stroke care. I am still involved but to a lesser degree, now we have Richie Hynes looking after our meeting and events and building management, and Christine Flanagan (Director of Fundraising) and the fundraising team take care of the management of the Courtyard Apartments.

 Favourite, stand-out moment of your career with Croí so far:

There have been a few stand-out moments, but I think for me, it was the transition from the small pokey offices we had at the back of the hospital to the move into the new Croí Heart & Stroke Centre. To be a part of this move and see all the progress and development that has happened under this roof in the past 7 years has been phenomenal.

 What excites you about the future at Croí?

The constant growth and the willingness of all our staff who always push the boundaries in their areas to make a difference in cardiovascular health through prevention, rehabilitation, education, fundraising and awareness.

 What do you like to do when you’re not at the office?

I enjoy going out with my DLSR camera and playing photographer.

Random fun facts:

Pet: Archie, my gorgeous ginger kitty

Any favourite line from a movie? Actually, it’s a line from my favourite advert for Malibu set in the Caribbean – said in a Jamaican accent… aah…you give me road rage – of course what makes the advert funny is that it’s in the laid back Caribbean and there’s no traffic – although I do it say it lot myself when driving in Galway traffic – with the accent of course!

Favourite superhero? My guilty pleasure is watching any superhero from the Marvel Universe

Favourite colour: Orange

Favourite City: Barcelona & Edinburgh